Adobe Updates Lightroom CC and Classic – Brings Exciting New Features

If you’re currently subscribed to Adobe Lightroom, you may have noticed a few updates for the software that have arrived in the past 72 hours. First and foremost, the Nikon D850 is now supported (better late than never, queue angles singing hallelujah)! For a full list of compatible cameras click here. For lenses, click here. In addition to the support for both CC and Classic, Lightroom CC – the IOS, Android, and Desktop software have received some much-needed improvements to the system.

What are the new features?

  • New Auto Settings: Powered by Adobe Sensei, which is Adobes Artifical Intelligence (AI) and machine learning program, the new Auto has been completely reworked to create better results, every time.


The new Auto Settings creates a better photo by analyzing your photo and comparing it to tens of thousands of professionally edited photosto create a single beautiful, pleasing image.
  • Lightroom CC on the desktop now includes new features like a Tone Curve, Split Toning, the ability to change capture time and a Full-Screen View.
Select a photo (or a series of photos) and use the pencil icon in the Info panel to change the capture time of the image. Lightroom CC will update the capture date and make sure that your photos show up on the right day and time in the organize view, making it easier to find your photos when you need them.
  • Lightroom CC on Android now has App Shortcuts, more control for managing storage, and several bug fixes and speed improvements.
  • Lightroom CC on iOS now includes watermarking on export (a feature I have wanted for quite some time), improved quality to HDR capturing, bug fixes and speed improvements.
  • Lightroom Classic CC updates include a refinement to the Color Range Masking tool and the ability to more easily remove individual sample points, as well as support for tethered capture with the Nikon D850 camera.

For those photographers who own the licensed Lightroom 6, they can look forward to an update on December 19th that’ll bring new camera profiles to their system. For more information on the updates, please check out Adobe’s Blog.

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