Sony Announces Firmware 2.00 update for A9

As mirrorless camera’s go, Sony is the king of kings, leading the market in the mirrorless category. Sony’s A9 is still the superior camera to date when compared to most of the mirrorless and DSLR options with it’s 20fps and incredible continuous auto-focus capabilities. Now Sony, is improving on those features with firmware 2.0. The new firmware brings the following features:

Continuous AF Enhancements:
Enhanced performance of continuous auto focus on moving subjects
Enhanced stability of the AF-C when zooming
Added Functions:
Adds the function to assign Protecting images to custom Key
Adds the function to transfer (FTP) protected files at once
Note: Only for images protected using version 2.00 or higher.
Displays wired LAN MAC address
Inputs IPTC metadata to files
Note: IPTC information must be created beforehand using the IPTC Metadata Preset software.
Inputs camera serial number to metadata
Other Improvements:
Improves operational stability
Improves accuracy of the overheating warning function

This update is brings quite a bit to the table should improve the already incredible auto-focus accuracy even more. To download the firmware update, click here.

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