Calling all photographers: Michael’s Craft Store Photography Challenge Begins

I think it’s a great thing when a craft store invites and challenges photographers to use their props or their stores for photos. Originally started back in November of 2017, photographer Jenna Martin took to the floors of Lowe’s to do the Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits: I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowe’s and sparked a movement amongst young photographers who are looking to build up their portfolio.


Since then, tons of photographers have taken to their local stores to find ways to shoot. Now Michael’s coming to the forefront with their own challenge inviting photographers of all ages to  share their results of any portrait challenge done inside its locations. The goal of the challenge is to shoot a professional-looking portrait using the backdrop of Michaels arts and crafts aisles (with the floral isle being a fan favorite). The goal here is to not only advertise Michael’s, but to assist in photographers who are in need of more work for their portfolio.

As a photographer, I greatly appreciate it when a company opens its doors to local artists. I believe it promotes a sense of community and support. This is what artists need today. If you would like to participate in the challenge all you have to do it head to your local Michaels and tag your photos with the hashtag #michaelschallenge. And don’t forget if you decide to go out and take part in the challenge, give us a shout out too by tagging us in the post @AllensCamera.


    • No they shouldn’t ask you to leave, unless they feel the shoot that you are doing is seen as disturbing the customers that are shopping in the store. I always say safety first and just let the manager of the store know that you are there to partake in the Michael’s Challenge.


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